خدمات مهندسی

Technical Solutions

Sunir provides its specific clients with custom tailored engineering support. Through our highly trained group of technicians we are able to deliver individual solutions to our clients so that our clients can reach optimum system integration of all components and software functions. These services have been categorized in two sections:

Engine, Power Train, Generators

We have experience and references for supplying a new engine for a new designed machine, as well as swapping a current engine with a new updated one while maximum performance has been guaranteed in combination with suitable engaged components such as transmission, hydraulic and electrical systems.

Industrial Automation

Sunir’s Technical & Engineering Department provides technical offers and suggestions based on project information and by close and direct cooperation with qualified European and Asian filed instruments & equipment manufacturers. Sunir’s engineering services in the field of Industrial Automation includes providing reliable solutions, renovating and optimizing process control systems based on experts’ experience and knowledge.



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