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Sunir Industrial Machinery Development Company (Special Shares), which is the result of more than four decades of experience of its founders, began its activity in the early eighties as the main supplier and producer of goods and services for various industries such as power plants, marine, road construction, agriculture. , industrial, rail, steel, oil, gas and petrochemical and succeeded in exporting its products and services outside the borders of Iran in cooperation and direct communication with world-class brands.

The main core of Sunir products is not limited to engine, generator, power generator, main spare parts and service and repairs, and based on the needs of customers and industries of the country, customization of production and supply of products and services is also examined and carried out in Sunir.

In order to supply raw materials and equipment for Sunir production lines, as well as other domestic manufacturers, Sunir is in direct contact with international first-rate brands and reputable companies such as Perkins, Claas, Vogel&Noot, Holset, Baudouin, AGG, Fortrust and.

Relying on technical, production and commercial experiences, Sunir has created an expert team that responds to the needs of customers in various fields such as purchase consulting, design and engineering, supply, installation, commissioning, training, service and repairs.

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