Introducing Baudouin

The French company Baudouin, with more than 110 years of history, produces diesel and gas engines with the highest quality for multiple uses and a wide power range:

Baudouin engines are designed for MES, PRP, COP applications, and the design and production of engines for Data Center power generators, characterized by DCP applications, has created a great transformation and a valuable link between the Power Generation industry and IT.

Baudouin engines are suitable for use in harsh weather conditions (cold, heat, altitude) and the overhaul time of 32,000 hours in large engines is significantly different from competitors.

Baudouin’s dealer network supports its customers in more than 130 countries and provides commissioning services, supply of original spare parts, diagnostics and repairs, warranty and guarantee.

Baudouin products

سانیر - فروش موتور دیزل بادوین

PowerKit Diesel

PowerKit Variable Speed

PowerKit Diesel Gas (Lean Burn)

PowerKit Diesel Gas (Rich Burn)

Marine Engines