Diesel / Gas Generator

It is popular to use Diesel / Gas Generators for most of production plants as well as civil, construction and mining sites. In addition, Diesel Generators are being considered widely as reliable sources of electricity power for entertainment, shopping, healthcare and even civilian sites. Sunir’s Generators are available in two main categories:

موتور دیزل و گازسوز

Diesel Generators:

‌‌Based on customers’ technical and commercial requirements, Sunir is supplying, commissioning and starting up Diesel Generators for various applications including Emergency, Prime and Continues. Sunir Diesel Generators has been equipped with Manual, Automatic and/or Synchronized Control Panels as well as waterproof and soundproof Canopies which can be stationary or mobile.

Power Plants:

Distributed Generation (DG) Power Plants along with heating and cooling accessories (CHP systems) have become more popular and Sunir provides standard and customized solutions in response to using desired fuel (Gas, Diesel, HFO), up to 50 MWe per set. These products mostly serve as reciprocating low and medium speed engines for medium and big sized power plants which provide electricity power for local site demand as well as being synchronized to the Country Electricity Grid